Have a Go Clay Shooting


Come and try the exciting sport of clay shooting! If you have never shot before then this is the package for you.

You will be offered coffee and tea upon your arrival at the shooting lodge where you will meet your APSI qualified Instructor who will take you through all the safety procedures and ground rules before issuing you with hearing protection, eye protection and if applicable a baseball style cap for head protection (these need to be worn at all times). You are very welcome to bring your own hat and sunglasses (these must cover the whole of the eye).

We advise you to ensure that you have suitable clothing for the time of year and ask that shoulders are covered whilst taking part in the experience.
We have a variety of suitable shotguns available for all individuals including Children, Ladies and Adults along with low recoil cartridges to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Have a Go costs £55 per person and briefly comprises the following:

You will; in turn, shoot 5 targets over 5 different shooting stands. Each stand will simulate different types of game i.e. rabbits, pigeons, pheasants etc.Usually after 3 stands we take a short break & then continue with the remaining 2 stands.

Depending on the group size to cover all of the above aspects would normally take between 1 1/2hrs – 2hrs.

Have a Go is a perfect gift for people who have not shot before and are looking to try something new and exciting. Please note we operate strictly on a pre booking basis.

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