Stag and Hen Sniper Activity Derbyshire Peak District.

Welcome to your easy to book Stag and Hen Sniper Activity Derbyshire Peak District.

Your Stag and Hen Sniper Activity session will be spent firstly learning to prepare wild food. The Stag and Hen and his or her helpers prepare the meat. Depending on the season, this may be rabbit, hare, pigeon, pheasant, duck or fish.  You get to have the fun preparing the food at which point you can then relax and forget about the food as we take care of that so its all ready for you when you return to the lodge.  You go on to have fun…..

With the application of sniper camouflage; you then move to the rifle range where your instructors will have a variety of sniper targets for you to shoot. Using .22” rifles equipped with telescopic sights, sound moderators & bipods we shoot a variety of targets from 30 metres out to 100 metres. You will be taught about windage, aiming off, bullet drop and a host of other things.

Having completed the sniper activity, your stag and hen group return to the comfort of the estate lodge, where you eat your fully prepared meal.  A bottle of beer for the winning stag and hen sniper activity best sniper shot, and the bars open for those wishing to wash down their sniper scram with a beer or two.


Stag and Hen Sniper Activity Derbyshire Peak District Includes

  • Coffee and tea on arrival
  • Meal included
  • Wild food prep
  • Camo
  • Full sniper camo for stag or hen
  • Full instruction
  • All necessasry equipment
  • Bottle of beer and winner medal for best sniper
  • minimum 8 people
  • £83 per person including meal and arrival refreshment
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