air rifle shooting at the Yeaveley Estate

We use ‘Springer’ style air rifles which are the traditional style used for  ‘Field Target’ air rifle shooting & all of our rifles are equipped with telescopic sights.

The targets are metal ‘knock-down’ targets which fall down if hit in the ‘kill’ zone. Then the targets can be reset by shooting at another aiming disc attached to the target. This means that shooting can be continuous & safe as no one has to venture down range to reset the targets.

Targets can then be placed at differing ranges and in some scenarios partially covered by undergrowth to offer differing degrees of difficulty. It is up to you to decide whether to try for the easy targets or for the much harder but higher scoring ones.

Our  CO2 air pistols  are highly realistic air pistols manufactured under licence that feel and weigh just like the real thing. They are Sig Sauer P226 specifically the X-Six variant.

The Sig P226 is the pistol of choice for the SAS, The US Secret Service & the US Navy Seals. It was until recently the standard side arm for the British Army.