The ancient sport of Archery really needs no introduction. Today we use bows of modern design combining the finest  traditional materials and modern methods.These bows are known as Take -Down Recurve bows & they are ideal for both beginners & experienced archers.

Your instructor will carefully explain the components of the bow and the arrows in addition to showing you how to loose the bow correctly. Archery has grown in popularity in recent years especially with the coverage from the Olympic games.

The targets that we use are the same as used in major competitions but , you will be pleased to know , are shot at shorter distances to allow you to master the sport.

Our crossbows are the modern equivalent of these ancient weapons.They are constructed of Fibreglass & Carbon fibre and they utilise up to date manufacturing techniques to produce highly accurate crossbows.

The bows have a “draw” of between 25lbs up to 50lbs. Each bow is fitted with accurate telescopic sights and they fire an aluminium “bolt” into the target “boss”.

Your instructor will show you how to load and fire the crossbow both safely and accurately. The target has scoring rings with a maximum of 10 points for a “Gold”.