Yeaveley Speed Steels

Action Shooters Membership

Yeaveley Speed Steels Action Shooters is a home office approved club.  Currently full annual membership is open to FAC holders with no practice fees. Applications are also open for those without an FAC to apply.

All applications will need to have the application supported by an existing full member. Please ensure that you have contacted this person prior to making your application.

The club will inform the police of any application for membership, giving the applicant’s full name and address, date and place of birth, and the date on which they apply.

Those joining the club with FAC and experience must attend a range familiarisation session (these will take place on pre set dates) and be signed off for the safe use of all range facilities and use of the booking system. They will also sign to say they have been taken through the range rules and fully understand them. Please note that the range always closes for a winter period between the end of the second week in December and reopens on the shown date in February. 

You will also cover how to use the steel layouts, correct procedures for unbagging and chamber flags for mini rifles.

New members will be asked to specify which disciplines they wish to shoot and be able to demonstrate safe conduct and firearms handling for those disciplines.

The applicant will declare (by submitting the form) and must also sign a declaration (on the range familiarisation session) that they are not prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition by virtue of section 21, as amended, of the Firearms Act 1968.

Speed Steels and

Long Range Practice.

When booking make sure you book the correct section, speed steels stations are named. If you require 100yds zeroing/long range look through for the appropriate station/bay. For speed steels practice there are 8 stations, with slots for 4 people per station. For long range a maximum of 4 slots. Every person must book their own session, you may NOT book on behalf of someone else. You must be a FAC holder and subject to the conditions on your certificate. Please ensure that you complete the details box with the time you’d like to arrive (please note the daily times according to the time of year, available below) we need this information to be able to confirm your booking.

All sessions require you to complete a returns card for your attendance, this must be done every time you attend prior to leaving.

Full Members practice session free of charge.
Visitors and those waiting membership approval must always be accompanied by a full member and be FAC holders. Ensure that you put the name of the member accompanying you and your FAC number.
Visitors and those waiting membership approval pay £45 per day session or part thereof.

Practice session available Tuesday to Saturday as below.
All subject to availability.

January – closed.

February – 10am til 4pm

March to September 10am til 5pm

November 10am til 3pm

The range closes for the winter period from 9th Dec 2022 and will re open 14th Feb 2023.
(subject to weather conditions at the time)

Any bookings for the following day must be submitted by 5pm to ensure approval.