Step back in time with our Black powder shooting experience.

Black powder shooting is the forerunner of how shooting used to take place prior to 1900 and the invention of smokeless powders which were perfected from 1860 onwards.

Black powder is also known as gunpowder and when shot through a shotgun it produces clouds of smoke & flames out of the end of the barrel.

We use two sorts of shotgun for black powder shooting; breech loading ( where the powder is contained within a cartridge) & the gun is loaded from breech end of the gun as opposed to muzzle loading which involves loading the gun first with black powder from the muzzle end , followed by a wad , followed by the shot , then an over wad to stop the shot falling out of the barrel , finally , a percussion cap is fitted to the firing nipple on the gun & the hammer is cocked & the gun is ready to fire. We also use this type of gun.

The smoke & the flame add an exciting additional dimension to shooting clay pigeons.

Cost of the Black powder shooting experience

This shooting experience is based on a minimum of 6 people attending; cost per person is £78/hd.


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