Individuals or groups can request tuition from one of our professional instructors.

Individual shooting lessons are available as follows:

50 bird lesson lasting approx 45 minutes including clays and cartridges – cost £90

100 bird lesson lasting approx 1 hour 30 minutes including clays and cartridges – cost £140


A course of 6 lessons (sixth lesson is free) may be purchased (ideal for complete novices, Christmas or birthday presents).

Each lesson is carefully structured beginning with:

Lesson 1- gun safety, gun handling, cartridge and gun recognition and introduction to shooting including “master eye”.

Lessons 2 to 5 – introduction to different shooting techniques on different targets( The method , smoke trail & maintained lead) with continued emphasis on safe gun handling.

Lesson 6 – is a free lesson, covering shooting etiquette, and final assessment – cost £450

A log of the pupil’s progress is kept along with recommendations for areas to continue practice.

All shooting lessons are by prior appointment. Please note that all shooting must end 1 hour before sunset.

Combined lessons and specialised lessons ie: double gunning, are available.