Derbyshire Air Rifle Meeting Rules

The Air rifle meetings are on the dates shown on the Calendar between 9:30 – 13:00hrs

The Range fee is £5.00 per visit

  • All participants are required to sign in before shooting. You must clearly at all times whilst here display the current meets attendance mark given to you when you sign in – usually a coded label.
  • All participants are expected to be aware of, and at all times comply with, current legislation on the ownership and use of air guns. If you are unsure please ask. All Juniors must be fully supervised at all times by a responsible adult over the age of 21.There are no exceptions. On these meets A junior remains a junior until you are 18 years of age.
  • The shooting ground may only be used on official meet shoots.
  • The safety rules will be observed at all times.Failure to do so will result in instant dismissal from the Meet & the grounds.
  • It is the duty of all participants to uphold, and to report any breach of safety or breach of rules
  • The range officer(s) and Yeaveley Estate will have the final decision on matters of range safety.
  • Yeaveley Estate has a zero tolerance to abusive or agressive behaviour;
    Our range officers and all other support staff for these events are to be treated with courtesy and respect.  This means that aggressive or violent behaviour towards our staff or any member of the public within our premises will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Anyone being disrespectful or verbally abusive to range officers or any staff will be dismissed from the meet and any future inclusion denied. There will be no appeal process. We feel sure that you will understand that proper behaviour is
    absolutely necessary for our staff and that non-observance will not be accepted.
  • Yeaveley Estate and the range officers hold no responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property arising from involvement in any activities at the meeting/estates shooting grounds.
  • The shooting grounds and its access roads will be used with care and respect at all times. Do not exceed 10 m.p.h. Please do not drive OR park on the grass.
  • Care should be taken when parking vehicles to avoid obstruction to others
  • All guns should be carried across the roads and to the shooting grounds in a case or gun slip.If you do not have a gunslip then all guns must be broken and/or carried in a manner so that they are not pointing at anyone whatsoever.
  • The pointing / mounting or dry firing of any air rifle/pistol not on a recognised firing point is expressly forbidden.
  • No wildlife or any unofficial targets to be shot at, for any reason.
    Participants are expected to help in the maintenance of the shooting grounds, and with the setting out and dismantling of the course.
  • The meet range officers and Yeaveley Estate reserve the right to refuse entry to the shooting grounds or prevent from shooting, any persons in breach of the club or safety rules, or who is giving offence to other shooters or visitors.
  • Interpretation of the rules, in any matter arising from or not covered by the above, Yeaveley Estate and it’s range organisers shall have the final decision.
  • Participants should ensure that they regularly check on the website that they are compliant with the current rules.