Hovercrafting.Hovercrafting in Derbyshire

Our hovercrafting guys were part of the team that worked on the 007 film and had the pleasure of working with the Top Gear team!

Each of our hovercrafts are powered by a single Rotax 65 horse power air-cooled engine. This is the same engine as you would find in microlight aircraft!

This extremely powerful but light engine provides both the lift to enable the hovercraft to ride on a cushion of air and the thrust to move it along.

Before you hop onto your hovercraft you will be given a full safety briefing along with instructions on the operation of the hovercraft. Helmets and safety goggles will also be provided.

Once in the hovercraft you will realise it is a real skill. Hovercrafting is all about the subtle between thrust and lift, but have you got what it takes to master our hovercraft slalom?

Hovercrafting experience costs:

The cost of the hovercrafting experience for stag and hens is £80 per person, with a minimum of 12 people required.


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